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what we do

Modernize and Revitalize Classic Boston Whalers

upgraded classic design

Cherry Whalers takes the best Classic Boston Whalers and retrofits them with modern improvements to enhance the Whaler experience. Everything except the hull is replaced.

The whalers you want

We only select the best quality classic hulled Boston Whalers to be transformed into a Cherry Whaler.


Cherry Whalers can take your loved Whaler and make it like new. From mild to wild, we can transform your Whaler into what you are dreaming of.

Worry free boating

Cherry Whalers fully restores our boats to Showroom Condition. Enjoy the quality and reliability of a Boston Whaler with unique Cherry Whaler upgrades and a two year warranty.

Cherry Whaler exclusives

Our unique set of features make a Cherry Whaler unlike any other on the water

Extended Range Fuel tank

Stay out on the water longer with an extended range fuel tank included in all Cherry Whalers. This tank is tailor-made for each boat to provide a long lasting experience while remaining hidden from view.

Attention to Detail

No unsightly exposed fuel tank or battery. We meticulously route wires, and hide hardware. This exposes the minimalist good looks of our boats.

Luxurious flooring

Keep your feet cool and comfortable while enjoying the retro styling of a Boston Whaler. Flexiteek decking cools 30% faster and is 35% lighter than traditional decking.

Beautiful Woodwork

We can't get enough of classic mahogany, Each Cherry Whaler is loaded with beautifully crafted wood trim. From beauty boards to seating you will find our wood craftsmanship everywhere you look.

Charging system

Our charging system is totally unique to Cherry Whalers. You can easily access positive and negative power right from the boat cabin. Each boat has two batteries, with a battery switch that lets you chose which should be active.


All our boats come with a two year warranty. The simplest and best in the industry. The engine and all electronics are covered. Warranty is only void in cases of negligence (water intrusion, debris in carburetor, etc...)

available Boats

Our current selection of exclusive Cherry Whalers

1988 Super Deluxe 13'

Cherry Whalers restored 1988 Boston Whaler Super Sport 13'. Outfitted with our Super Deluxe package.

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1977 Super Deluxe 15'

1977 Boston Whaler Super Sport 15'. Outfitted with our Super Deluxe package.

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1980 Outrage 20'

Cherry Whalers restored Boston Whaler Outrage 20'

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