From the beginning

We all have fond memories of being on the water as a kid with our parents or grandparents. Whether it was fishing or just tooling around, I bet you it was in a classic Boston Whaler. There is nothing out there like these boats anymore. We have some Whaler experiences we will never forget. Cherry Whalers wants to give you the ability to recreate these unique memories with your kids.

The Cherry Whaler Goal

Revitalizing classic Boston Whalers

With over 50 years of combined experience in the boating industry, the one boat line we have always had a passion for is classic Boston Whalers. Our passion for these boats show through our finished product.

Our People

Passionate people produce the best results

1989 Super Sport

Here we will have some description of the boat

1970 Super Sport

Here is some information about the boat


CEO and Cheif Mechanic has over XX years turning wrenches in the boat industry.